Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cardinal Game

Well we rushed from the Magic House back to the hotel to unload before the game.  As Tim was trying to check in, they informed us that they have given our room away and we would have to stay at the hotel across the street. aargh  At least they paid for it.  After all the confusion we didn't have time to unpack we jumped into Nannie and Pop's car and sped off to the game. 

We had to park about .5 a mile away from the stadium.  We got there just as the game was beginning.  You will have to excuse my looks in the pictures.  It was like 100 degrees.  I obviously don't look my best in that kind of weather.

Of course the boys had to get snacks while we were there.  As soon as we set down in our seats Andrew says "Can we go to the concession stand"  On a totally side note did you know that a beer cost 8 dollars at the ball park.  The guy in front of us drank at least 4 beers and he tipped the guy each time also.  That calculates out that he spent at least 36.00 on just drinks before the seventh inning.  That is not counting the cotton candy and drink his wife got.  (what can I say....I would rather people watch than baseball watch).  Good thing I don't drink because I am way to cheap to spend that kind of money on something to drink.

This was Andrew's favorite part.  When they hit the ball out of the ballpark they would shoot off fireworks.

Tim got me a new lens for my camera so even though we weren't that close I still could take some pictures and you could tell who they were.

This is Noah in about the third inning.
He was ready to go by the fourth.  The boys wanted to go back to the hotel and swim.  Of course the good parents that we are told them to set down and enjoy the game because we had paid a lot of money to do this.  Finally Tim agreed to leave in the seventh inning.  We couldn't convince them it was fun any longer.

I just included this picture because Andrew looks "weird" . Really how does he do that?

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what fun! I love a good baseball game with the family.