Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation 2010 - Day 4 cont.

We went to the science museum.  I probably wouldn't recommend this sight.  To much evolution.  It was really probably a little old for my guys, too.  There was a lot of stuff to read.  They did have this science lab where they could conduct experiments.  They might have enjoyed getting to do this a little longer.  But we would have had to wait and we wanted to look at some other things before it closed.

After we dropped off Nannie and Pops at the hotel so that they could head home we went to the arch.  The boys enjoyed this even though we had to stand in line for quiet a while.
Yea.. I had some stranger take a picture of us.  I wanted to be able to prove that I was really on this vacation also.  The person taking the pictures usually is never in a picture.  Funny how that works.

Ti liked looking at the city below.  And it is REALLY below.  Good thing we are not scared of heights.

Stadium view from the arch.

The Arch is kinda expensive but I think it was one of the kids highlights of the trip so it was worth it.

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