Monday, August 9, 2010

We're Trying

We are trying, but I can't say that we are succeeding YET!  We are not doing a very good job of helping the boys have a daily time with God.  It seems that we are not ever on the same page.  I usually leave before anyone else gets up and at night we are out and about until it is time for bed.  Something about screaming at my kids to quit fighting, get your shower, brush your teeth and get inbed doesn't put anyone in the mood for reading the Bible and talking to God.  I know, I know it is satan using these events to discourage us. 

So the other night I had this great idea......We would use the dining room to read our bible.  We set down almost every evening and eat supper so what better time, right????

So this is how the evening started,  keep in mind that we did have an extra kid as a guest for the evening.  So I am sure that are kids were extra behaved.  Right??

Tim - So Noah do you remember your Awana verse from the other night.

Noah - Nope

Tim - Noah set down.

Mom - Something like "He is God"

Tim - Andrew set down

Noah - Nope

Tim - Noah, Go get you and your brother's Awana books.

Tim - Andrew set down

Noah leaves the room to get them and brings them back

Tim - So Andrew do you remember your verse?   For God so loved....

Tim - Noah set down.  Don't take another drink until you eat some of your food.

Andrew - For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Tim - Andrew set down.  You can't have anything else to drink until you eat your chicken.

Mom - That's great Andrew

Tim - Do you remember the sparks motto.

Tim - Noah set down.  Eat your food.

Andrew - To make the best better.....NO that is the 4H motto

Mom - cracking up

So the evening goes on until Noah falls out of his chairs and Andrew gets sent to the bedroom for trying to toot on our guest.  Seriously people where did these heatherns (is that even a word) come from.  Really, supper can be quiet the event when you have four boys at the table.

So I said all of this to say.  I don't think the dining room is the best place for our Bible reading.  I think it was about the time that Andrew was on all fours so that his toot would go farther or maybe it was while I watched Ti smear ketchup in his hair that I decided supper was not the best place to be reverant before a Holy God.

On a total side note.....
Speaking of dining rooms I thnk I might like to get rid of my china cabinet and get a sideboard.

Picture from

I kinda would like one that is old and kinda country style.  My mom has one that I really like and she found it at an antique store.    So are china cabinets out dated????  Where would I put all the stuff I have in there if I just had a sideboard? So many questions so few answers.

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Momx6 said...

Maybe you could incorporate a verse into bath time - LOL! I understand your difficulties - don't give up!
I love the sideboard -