Thursday, August 14, 2008

Never-Ever Drink Milk of Magnesium

I thought everyone might want to laugh at my expense, so here is the story. Because of some of the issues that come along with the medicine I am taking for nausea I called the nurse for suggestions. The suggestion was milk of magnesium (obviously she has never used this product). It all started with my trip to Walgreens. I wasn't for sure if I was getting the right product so I went to talk to the pharmacist.
Bekah "I have these two products one is a pill and the other is a liquid which would work best"
Pharmacist "probably the liquid"
Bekah "I really have a problem with vomiting are you sure that the liquid would be best"
Pharmacist "Well it does taste bad(she remembered taking it as a child, this was the understatement of the century) but you could just chill it and hold your nose because it probably would work the best. (she had no clue how easy it is for me to vomit)

So I made my purchase and went home. When I got home it was time to see how really tough I am. I went into the bathroom just in case something did not go well. Now the time had come for me to actually take the medicine. I shook the bottle as directed. I poured four tablespoons into the cap (that is a large amount of medicine). I smelled it. It didn't smell to bad. I pinched my nose and took a drink. That is when it happened, I started gagging (not a good thing) and then I vomited but just a little. I looked at the cap and it looked like I had swallowed about one tablespoon, I am not for sure what I actually kept down. I thought to myself, Bekah you can do this don't be such a baby. I was determined to try again. Really who can't swallow a little medicine. So here I go again. I took a big swallow. That is when all the fun started. You talk about being sick, I think you call it projectile puking. So of course I am hanging my head over the toilet, peeing on myself, losing everything I have eaten over the past week. After that I set the medicine on the bar and vowed never-ever to try that again. The problem was every time I would think about the medicine or see the bottle I would start gagging. Finally after throwing the bottle in the trash and several pairs of underwear later I went to bed early. I am sure I will have many more great stories about this pregnancy over the next 7 months. I will try to keep everyone updated so they can all get a good laugh. Obviously I can't post pictures of this event. Really I don't think anyone wants to see that.


Cassie said... said...

ok, maybe I should not have asked you to update your blog!! No really, I feel sorry for your. I may not be perggers but I do have a terrible gag reflex (as anyone who knows me is aware) so I can relate to trying to swallow something distasteful. Good luck!

Darian said...

Congratulations on being preggers! I hadn't heard. I'm sorry about your Milk of Magnesium episode but I have to say I laughed my butt off! That is a great story!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's funny. I've had to swallow that nasty stuff many times throughout my life and it is undoubtedly the worst stuff ever invented! I make sure I eat an apple a day to help with the "backlog". LOL. No pun intended.