Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Washington County Fair 2008

What a busy week we had. Noah got his sheep about 3 months ago. He showed sheep last year in the fair also but he said after it was over he didn't want to do that again it was way to much work. But when this year rolled around he decided he could probably make a little money so he decided he would try it again. It is a lot of work. He has to feed and water them twice or three times a day and he needs to walk them about once a day. This is the part he didn't like. He would really rather just lay around and watch TV and play video games. This was a point of great tension in our family. You want your kids to have a good work ethic you just wish it could be accomplished without so much yelling and crying involved.

Here was our schedule for the week.

Saturday - Went to fair grounds and turned in all of our crafts.
Noah got a blue ribbon for his picture, stepping stone, necklace, and potholder. He received a red ribbon for his gift bag.
Andrew got a blue ribbon for his picture and a red ribbon for his gift bag.
Sunday - Stayed home and worked with the sheep
Monday - First day of school (which we were late for because of the horrific traffic). Here are some pictures.

When Noah got home from school we ate a snack and then we had to go wash sheep. FUN FUN FUN

The Berners graciously agreed to pick up our sheep on their way to the fair. I couldn't load them by myself so Timmy would have had to take off work early. The Berners to the rescue!!!! We had to be there by 6 for weigh in. Joey weighed 118 and Ella weighed 105. Traylor shaving donated our sheep's bedding so after we got them settled in for the night we rushed home to get in bed so Noah would get up for school the next day.

Tuesday - Day for Sheep Show
I got my hair cut that morning and stopped by the fair afterwards to help feed and wash the sheep again so that Phil could sheer them. Joey had diarrhea. Do you realize how hard it is for a person to wash a sheep that is pooping everywhere. Not a good thing for a pregnant lady. Phil did a terrific job as usual on both Joey and Ella. We gave Joey some medicine and I put them back into their pin for that evening. The show started at 6:30 so we got there about 3:30 to make sure the sheep were clean and ready to go. Noah and Andrew both did great. Ella got a 4th place and Joey a 5th. Ella made the sale number 35. Last year I think we were like 112. Noah and Andrew both did Showmanship and got a t-shirt. Here are some pictures of my handsome boys and their sheep.

I worked that morning so the Berners fed for us and I fed for them that evening. The boys went to church that evening and I went to bed to rest.

Thursday - Day for sheep sale
I fed on my way to Springdale that morning. Noah had square dance practice after school at Mrs. Karen's House. After I picked Andrew up from the babysitter and Noah from Mrs. Karen's house we went home to eat a corn dog before heading back up to the fair. The sale started at 6:30 and we were not for sure how far up on the list Noah would be. He was number 35 we were excited this meant we wouldn't have to stay so late. The boys rode a couple of rides which as everyone knows with young children that is never enough. Hill Electric bought Noah sheep. He got 525 dollars which is a lot of money not only for a six year old but for anyone. He plans on buying a Nintendo ds. The rest has to go into his education saving account. I'm a mean mom. Here is a picture of Noah giving Mr. Hill a thank you basket for buying his sheep and a picture of him while they are bidding on his sheep.
We got home by 9:00 that night.

Friday - Ladies and Gents League
Noah and Andrew both dressed up for this. We forgot part of Andrew's costume (bad mom) but he still got a blue ribbon. Andrew pretended to be the big bad wolf and Ella was Little Red Riding Hood. Noah was Zorro and Joey was his horse, Tornado. My mom made the costumes. They had to be out of a wool material. They both got blue ribbons which equates to 25 dollars a piece. Andrew doesn't know what he wants to buy yet. Here are some pictures.

We gave Phil and Gail and thank you basket for all their help.

Saturday - Dog Show
Noah wanted to enter Laci in the dog show. She didn't do to well so Noah got discouraged. I think he will stick to sheep showing. After the dog show we dropped our camper off at Marble for the Champagnes to borrow and then we headed to my parents for my Nephews 13th Birthday party. We got back to the fair about 10 that night to take the sheep home. Whew it was over. Needless to say everyone needed naps on Sunday. Well I hoped you didn't get as tired reading this post as I did of writing it.

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