Monday, August 4, 2008

Never go camping when it is 100 degrees

What were we thinking. Even if you have a camper with air conditioning you don't ever want to step out the door when it is hot as that outside.

We went with a lot of our church friends. Robert and Mike both brought boats so the kids and some grownups got to tube. Timmy is on the tube with Allee and Noah. Noah didn't like the waves much the first day but the next day he enjoyed himself.

Mike Jannson used the wake board a little.

While some were on the boats the others were playing on the water trampoline. Noah enjoyed playing king of the hill.
Here is Katie enjoying the trampoline.

The rest of us just layed around on water rafts and watched all the fun.

Here is Kelly just hanging out.

One afternoon we had a friendly competition of Baggo. I am not for sure who won I know my team didn't. Thanks alot Mike. I think I made most of our points. That is sad.

Clay enjoyed playing with Andrew's new gun he got for his birthday. All the kids got along so good. They all shared their toys so well.

Here are some miscellaneous pictures of some of the kids that were on the trip.
Maddie & Abbie Simpson. They just stayed one night. It was just too hot.
Garrett - he was a big helper with the younger kids this weekend.
Kambry - always posing for the camera
Dakota - now that kid has a lot of energy

I think all the families had a good time but the next time I am sure we would all agree to go in cooler weather. Next time we go hopefully I will get to do a little skiing or tubing. This time I just got to watch the kids enjoy themselves.


Cassie said... said...

are you insane??? What kind of crazy person goes camping when it's 1,000 degrees? Espically when she's preggers! BTW - I'm so glad your blogging.

Karen L. said...

you big whiner! i'm glad you had your camper so we could hang out in it! great pics!

Cassie said... said...

You can go to and make a little baby ticker like the one on my blog. If you can get figure out how to post it to your page just give me a call and I will walk you through it.

Leah said...

Bekah!!! Congrats!!! I'm so excited for you and all your boys! I hope this baby is a GIRL!!! :) (Although I could totally see you with three boys!)

I found your link on Cassie's page. I'll check back soon!

davidcatherinewilson said...

Hi Bekah,

saw you started a blog! Yea! Saw you on Cassie's page so I thought I'd come say hey!