Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beware of the Curling Iron

This blog posting is going to be so random.

The other day we were heading home from church. We saw this older woman walking around in her front yard with a curling iron hanging from her hair. At first I was like, WHAT? Then I started thinking there might be something wrong so I had Tim turn around and go back. When we got back she was beside the road looking in the grass. At this point I was thinking she might be a little off mentally. I rode down my window and asked if we could help her find something. She walks over to the car and is just laughing. She told us how she had decided to stay home while everybody else had went to church because she had broke her arm. Her arm was in a sling. And she wanted to fix her hair but then she got the curling iron stuck and she was going over to the neighbours to see if they were home and could help her get it out. (this is when we first saw her) but she finally got it out herself. So, no she didn't need our help and she hoped that we had gotten a good laugh out of her situation. She was really being a good sport about it and she wasn't a crazy person walking the streets with a curling iron stuck in her hair. So if you ever see someone on the side of the road with a curling iron stuck in their hair there really might be a good explanation for it.


Robin and Stephen said...

Oh my goodness! That is too funny! I love how she was laughing it off! So cute! That was so nice of you guys to turn around and try to help!

Suzette said...

That is hilarious.. very random.

Karen L. said...

man! why does the good stuff always happen to you?!