Tuesday, October 27, 2009

School Play / Tree Planting

Noah was in his first school play last Wednesday.  He had one of the lead parts with lots of lines.  His character was Mr. Skowler, the principal.  He has an excellent ability to memorize things so even though they could carry their lines during the play he had his memorized.    He did a great job.  I think he liked it.  His dad asked if he was going to be an actor when he grew up and Noah's answer was No.  I guess he doesn't think he can play professional football, which he is convinced that he can do, and be an actor too. 

Dad got it all on video.  Just incase anybody would like to see it again.

After the play they went out and planted trees on the playground.  Folsum was one of 5 schools in the state that the forrestry service chose to donate trees to go on their playground.    Lots of different people spoke during the ceremony.  It was kinda neat.  Maybe when Noah is an adult he will be able to come back to his elementary school and remember planting the trees there.

Doesn't he look cute in that outfit.  He was suppose to wear business professional for the play.  Since he was the principal and all.

This could be a whole other post.   So I go to Kohls to look for something and of course my coupon didn't start till the next day.  I bought a shirt, dress pants and shoes which I decided to return.  Just those three items cost about 70 bucks.  I don't spend 70 bucks on an outfit for me.  Why would I want to spend so much money on an outfit that he would wear maybc occasionally to church and at Christmas time. 

I decided to stick with the shirt off the clearance rack for 8 buck and made sure the pants he wore didn't have grass stain and he wore his boots.  I highly doubt that the principal would have grass stains on his jeans.  Even without spending the big bucks he looks as cute as can be.  Of course I might be prejudice.

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what a little man he is turning in to!