Monday, October 12, 2009

Boxers are the Best

Well I think all the puppies are gone to good homes. I think we enjoyed the whole puppy thing but we are glad that they are gone. I am tired of cleaning up after them. I really think that Boxers are the best dogs ever. My kids can do anything to Laci and she just takes it or gets up and moves somewhere else.

They can do things like poke her in the eye.
Pull her Ears.
Give her kisses and she just lays there until she gets tired of it.
Then she sometimes decides to hide under the crib for a while. A dog can only take so much love.

Of course the baby doesn't think it is near as much fun to be stuck under the bed as the dog does.

Ti hasn't got the whole rolling thing down to an art yet. He knows where he wants to be but he doesn't always get there.


Alex and Jill said...

How cute! That's why we chose Dies (he's an English Mastiff) and he is SO GOOD with kiddos. I'm sure A will torture him just like this. LOL

Cassie said... said...

what cuteness! My in-laws boxers are just the same. They adore the boys.