Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who Is My Neighbour

Have you ever noticed what type of person you feel most comfortable around.  I was noticing myself Sunday gravitating to those people I feel most comfortable around.  I am just wondering if everyone does this.

I had two different women setting near me.  One was very tall, skinny, beautiful with pointy shoes.   You know those ones with the really high heals and you know their toes can't fit into the end of their shoes becasue they are so narrow.  I haven't actually ever owned a pair of these but I can't see how they could be comfortable. Yes I notice people shoes,  Anyway on with my story, the other lady had dress pants, medium height, a little fluffy (Heavy), average looks and flats for shoes.  Guess who I shook hands with?  You got it, the fluffy person.  Why is it that we gravitate toward those we feel most like.  I noticed the beautiful lady crying slightly during the service and I did offer her a kleenex but yet when it came to time to introduce myself I am ashamed to admit that I chose not to.  Why I felt inferior to this lady I have no clue. 

We did the story about the good Samaritan the other day in Noah's Sunday School class.  We talked about how we aren't suppose to be nice just to those who are like us but to everyone.  Oh how easy it was for me to tell the boys just because someone might dress differently than us or maybe smell we are still suppose to be nice to them.  Then the next Sunday here I am choosing to do the same thing.  Sometimes it seems easier to teach what we should do in a situation instead of actually putting our faith into action.

Speaking of Neighbours we have new ones.  If you live within a mile of someone and you live in the country you are considered neighbours. Just incase you were wondering.  Brian and Kendra have moved into their new house.  I wanted to try out an recipe for pecan pie that Meredith gave me a couple of years ago.  What better excuse than a welcome to the neighbourhood gift.  Of course I ate of piece of it after I gave it to them just to make sure it was edible.  It was actually pretty good.  I think I let it get a little too brown but it was definitely edible.  I brought Timmy a slice home so he could try it.  He liked it too.  Even the crust was homemade.  I had never made a crust before.  I think I might like the store bought crust better.  We are having connection group Sunday night I am suppose to make dessert so now that I know it is good I might bring it there also.  Of course I would never try something for the first time when I am serving someone other than close friends.

My First Pecan Pie

Don't you wish you were moving near me????  I would bake you a pie. lol  And I will make sure it is edible.


Suzette said...

Yes I do!!! Looks yummy..

Cassie said... said...

the funny thing is...I know who the 2 people were that you are taking about since I set right behind you!

estes5family said...

it's tough to get out of our comfort zones...and make a pecan pie with homemade crust! hee heee! it looks yummy! people are like pie. sometimes it surprises you that there is something really nice on the inside no matter what the outside looks like (good or bad). I sound a little like Forest, Forest Gump!!!!