Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekend Get Away

This weekend we went to the Razorback game.  Actually I just hung out in Memphis with some friends and everyone else in our group went.  Nannie and Pops graciously agreed to keep the kids for the whole weekend.  We left Friday morning and got back on Sunday morning.  I missed the kids but we had a great time.


Brian and Kendra

Donnie and Jennifer Cook.  They babysitted me on Saturday while everyone was at the game. 

Tim and Brian

We all ate at Rendezvous.  It was okay.  Everything was a little too spicy hot for me.  But the company was great.

The spiceyness did not keep me from cleaning my plate. 

We walked over to the PeaBody motel when we were done eating just to look around.  That evening we went over to the Cooks to hang out and play some cards.

Evan, Leah, Kendall, Meredith, Bro. Barry and Mrs. Sheila came up to the game also.  Kendra and Leah were the only girls in the group that actually went to the game. 

Die Hard Fans.

Saturday everyone that didn't go to the game went to the botanical garden in Memphis.  They had a great play area for children.  I walked around and took some pics of the kids and enjoyed the sunshine.  I will post some pics of the gardens soon.  I think my kids would like it and it was fairly cheap.  Noah might think it was a little babyish.  It was nice not to be responsible for anyone but myself.  I got about two hours in the hotel room by myself too. Yippee!!! I just enjoyed watching TV and getting to control the remote.  I did forget my pillow which I am pretty bummed about.  Now I am going to have to pay the motel to send it back to me.  Actually I will probably just get them to send the pillowcase because it matches my comforter.  I missed the boys but so enjoyed not having to referee any fights or try to entertain the baby. 

While we were gone I don't think the big boys missed us at all.  Noah had a game that morning and Saturday evening Pops took them out for a boys night.  He took them to their favorite place to eat and then took them bowling.  They had a ton of fun.  Nannie did say she thought Ti might have missed his mom a little bit before we got back which of course made me feel good.  Who knows I might be ready to leave again for another getaway soon.

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