Friday, October 24, 2008

Boys Are Disgusting

As I write this my sweet husband is taking my sweet, sweet little boys to the red and white game. Since we are having connection group at our house this Sunday night I thought I would start cleaning now. I am sure everyone thinks my house is clean all the time right. For instance one of my dear friends asked to borrow our truck the other day. She got it on a Wednesday night (we left the keys in it for her) and returned it on Thursday after I had left for work. Thursday is a day that I have to leave the house by 8:30 or 9:00 to work in Springdale. I think her exact words were "Is this what I have to look forward to when my kids get into school." I am sure no other families leave all the half eaten cereal bowls at the bar. All the stuff brought in from the car the night before in a pile by the back door. Did I mention we never make our beds unless we are having company. If I had known that someone was going to leave the keys in the house I might have picked some of the stuff out of the floor. Anyway lets get on to my cleaning story. I cleaned my bathroom first. It was not to bad you know that pink ring around the toilet wasn't too obvious. And then I go to the boys bathroom. GROSS GROSS GROSS. I look in the bathtub to find dirt all in the bottom of it and black hand prints all over the walls. Since I only go in there to clean before company comes I don't know when this actually happened. I hate all those little crevices in the bottom of the tub. You know the ones that are suppose to keep people from falling well you can just forget getting all the dirt out of them. Then it is on to the toilet. This wasn't to bad. The boys I guess are actually pretty good aims. I had had one of those smelly things in the toilet but I was afraid I was going to poison the dog (she likes to drink out of the toilet, what can I say our dog is gross too). For a side note in a pregnant person's toilet those smelly things that are suppose to last about 7 days only lasted 3. I guess they don't take into consideration how much a pregnant person flushes the toilet. Back to my story. Then it was on to the vanity area. I think there might have actually been dog poop on it. The other day Andrew stepped in some before he came into the house and instead of staying outside to clean off his foot he first gets some on the carpet in his bedroom and then finally climbs up onto the vanity and puts his feet into the sink to wash it off. GROSS GROSS GROSS. I think I can officially say I have the most disgusting boys ever. Right now I am only cleaning up after two well three if you count Timmy I can only imagine when there is one more to contribute to our nastiness (is this even a word)


Cassie said... said...

Don't count on it getting any better with the next one! I can't even tell you the places I have found things I can't identify anymore.

Karen L. said...

i had high hopes when i had allee, but she's just as bad as the boys. so what you see at my house every 7 years, that's what you have to look forward to! (maybe not that crazy, but i USED to be a neat freak!)
that's why i think every should boycott cleaning for company! ha! what you see is what you get and we still love you!

The Hickman's said...

Girl, I totally understand! I have 3 boys in my in-home preschool, plus Zayde, plus Zack. I think the 3 boys I keep are a better aim than Zack! Ugh! =)