Monday, October 20, 2008

Mission Day

We ( I guess I shouldn't say we, Karen is the one that organized it and did all the preparation for it I just showed up) had a mission project for the kids at church. They first went to the church and made fall cards, decorated hay bails and pumpkins and then we set off for the nursing home in Prairie Grove.

When we got there the kids sang songs while Karen played the piano for them. Many of the residents came out to listen.
We then handed out the gifts. They were so grateful. It was a real blessing to see the smile it put on their face. The kids did great.
On our way home we stopped by Sonic and got half price drinks. Just for future reference for some reason only the sonic in Farmington can make good tea. It took a while to get all the drinks and then we headed home.

On the way home the little bus broke but we did make it back to the church. Even if we didn't have any power steering or brakes and the antifreeze was running over by the time we stopped. The Lord protected us.
Don't worry though Calvin and Timmy were able to replace the broken belt and the pulley thingy so it is up and running again.
This is one of those events that you are dreading taking your kids too but afterwards you are very glad you did. What a great way to teach true service. Thanks Karen for putting this together.

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