Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Addition

Well I couldn't let it go to the pound. If you don't want to inherit a few animals the vet clinic is not the place to work. The boys named it Buddy. We have no clue what kind of dog it is. We are hoping it wont be too large. Laci and him are getting along okay. Laci needed a friend to play with. Andrew is none too gentle but the dog keeps coming back for more. Winter time is not the best time to get a puppy due to the fact they need to go to the bathroom a lot and who wants to walk a dog when it is cold. So far we have not had any accidents in the house. Our rule is if the dog comes in the house someone has to be holding him.

1 comment:

Taylor Family said...

I didn't know you guys got a new dog. Can't wait to meet him. Hopefully he won't like pigtails too. lol!