Friday, October 3, 2008

Not So Cool Mom - Cool Mom

Yesterday morning I had to work in Springdale. One of my clients had asked me to interview somebody that they wanted to hire. I was trying to look professional which is hard to do when your bellybutton sticks out further than anything else on your body. Well anyway I was wearing some short grey pants and a red top. I had long black boots on also. Which as anyone can tell you that is around me for very long this might have been the style a couple of years ago. I usually lag behind on wearing what is actually in style by atleast a couple of years if not more. Anyway lets continue with the story. I was trying to get Andrew into the car and he looks at me and states "Mom, you can't wear shorts with boots" . As he looks at me with a look that says you are so not cool. HE'S 4. I was amazed that he even noticed what I had on. I know he got this from me telling him he could not wear his cowboy boots with shorts when we are going to a public place. Anyway I tried to explain that this was different and I thought that it would be okay. This was the uncool mom of the morning.
Last night Noah had basketball practice. Andrew and I left early because he would go outside the gym without me and I was tired of chasing him down. Anyway on the way home I asked what he wanted for supper. I don't know how moms who have full time jobs and are able to do supper and keep up with all the activities and clean the house. On the days I work all day by the time I get home I am done. The thought of having to cook a meal seems impossible. So I asked Andrew if he wanted to eat cereal for supper. I know everyone must be gasping at this. Okay I admit I am not a great mom that spends hours in the kitchen after a long day at work. I mean who can say that it is totally unhealthy to eat cereal for supper. We let our kids eat it for breakfast. Does the time of day really matter. This is when I became the cool mom. Andrew exact words were " ARE YOU SERIOUS?". He was very excited about this. If I would have known that this would make him so happy I might suggest cereal a couple times a week for supper. Just kidding. Anyway I went from the uncool side to the cool side all in one day by just offering cereal for supper.


davidcatherinewilson said...

,,k,k,k,kl ,,,, ,k,, ,,,,b,b,,b,,,,,,,,,,,-sorry, comment from Grainger.

I think you're a cool mom! Andrew cracks me up. Thanks for sending Z a postcard. He thought it was cool.

Cassie said... said...

I love boots with short pants. Cool or not!

Leah said...

That is WAY too funny!

I'm sure you looked adorable with your cropped pants and boots. I think next time Andrew wants to wear his cowboy boots and shorts out in public, you should let him! :)

Hope you are feeling okay!

Darian said...

How funny! I bet you looked cute!

The Hickman's said...

Right now I'm always cool to Zayde, but I know the day is coming when I won't be!!