Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Date Night

My mom called last weekend and told me that Timmy and I could go out to eat on Tuesday night while she took the boys out to eat. Who can pass up that kind of offer. She was coming to a class in Farmington on Tuesday and Wednesday and was planning on spending the night at our house. Since she offered I suggested Timmy and I go to the movies also since she would be here to put the boys to bed. She agreed. It ended up that my dad came up for the evening also so the boys and both MeMaw and PaPaw all got to eat out together while Timmy and I enjoyed some alone time. This hardly ever happens. We are to cheap to get a babysitter.

When my parents got here they were asking where the boys wanted to eat at. Andrew pipes up, "Red Lobster" I don't know if he really wanted to eat there or just wanted to go so he could see the Lobsters in the tank. Noah and Andrew had to both agree on a place so they finally decided on Logan's Steak House. After they ate they got to go to Toys R Us to pick out a birthday present for Noah. They were both up really early the next morning to discuss all they had done and show the new stuff they got. They were excited. I really wished we could live closer to grandparents so they could see them more. (Not to mention the free babysitting)

Timmy and I went and ate and then we went and saw the movie Fireproof. The acting is not very good but I really enjoyed the message. I think this would be a good movie for all married people to see. It is so easy to get in a rut and just let things go on so so when God wants us to have great marriages. Some friends showed up and set by us. We went and ate ice cream afterwards. (having a babysitter planning on staying the night is great) This probably wasn't the best solution to all the weight I am gaining. I have come to realize all the upchucking I did in my first pregnancies did help in some areas such as weight gain. Now that this has not been an issue as much with this pregnancy I am exploding. At least for supper I had had a salad that totally makes up for the large ice cream, right?


Cassie said... said...

I told Bran all I want for my birthday next week is a real date!

Anonymous said... nights were far and few between when family wasn't close (or in my case mostly non- existant). Glad you got to enjoy some time together. Don't worry about the ice cream. You are already offering your body on the alter of pregnancy for nine months...indulge every once in a while!