Sunday, January 10, 2010

Failing Grade

I think I am failing at atleast one of my goals for 2010.  Can you guess which one...... 

Well it is not the Bible thing.  I am still ahead of schedule.  You really don't have to read that much each day to keep up.  I have learned that on the days I have extra time I probably should just go ahead and read two days worth.  Really reading extra in your Bible can't hurt.  Right????   I am currently in Job.  You really can't think your circumstances are that bad after you have read this book. 

I have even been pretty consistent with the Wii fit.  I am trying to do about 30 minutes a day.  I won't lie and say I haven't missed a day but I have done it more days than I have missed. 

I think I might even have a little more accounting work.  WOOHOO

So have you guessed it yet.  Okay I will go ahead and tell you.  Showing love to my husband.  I really haven't been very nice at all.  I didn't actually say the S word (you know....Stupid) but I did say something to the fact if he couldn't figure it out after all my hints.  I might have been just a little crabby lately.  I am sure I am not hormonal and the thought of another football game doesn't really make me GAG.  Can I just say how I hate for there to be football every night of the week.  Honestly, we have not liked each other very much this week.   I say WE very loosly it is mostly me.  I am a big girl I can admit when I am wrong. (at least sometimes)

So I have admitted it.  That is the first step.  Now onward and upward or should I say now to do a better job at my goals for 2010.  I will start afresh today.

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Cassie said... said...

start over again have like 355 days to get it right!