Saturday, January 30, 2010

Harlem Ambassadors

We had a big night out the other night.  We went and saw Uncle Matt play on a team against the Harlem Ambassadors.  It was a benefit game for Habitat For Humanity I think.

Uncle Matt made a three pointer.
Playing a little defense.
The game was okay but getting to hang with friends and family was great.

Nannie & Ti
Us and the Hesters rode together.
Ti & Aunt Stephanie
Getting a little love from the cousins.
The boys thought getting their picture taken with one of the players was cool.  He was very nice and didn't care to take a little time out for the boys.

He invited them to play a game of musical chairs.  This was the highlight of the night.

This is Noah getting out of the game.  I was so proud of his good attitude.  There was no crying on anyones part.  HURRAY
Andrew tied for first place.  Isn't he so handsome with camo pants tucked into his cowboy boots.  I think the too big razorback sweater really compliments the whole outfit.  If I had known that they were going to be down in front of people I would have made sure they looked a little more presentable.

He was so proud of his picture.  He took it to school with him the next day and then it was Noah's turn to take it with him.

They might not have been really famous or anything but the boys didn't know any different and they had a great time.

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Robin and Stephen said...

I love his outfit! You know someday he will ask you why you made him wear his pants tucked into his cowboy boots! My brother always questions my mom. She always replies with, I couldn't get you to wear anything else, it was your idea!