Saturday, January 2, 2010

Super Pumped

I am super pumped and it has nothing to do with working out on the Wii fit.  I did a little shopping today and got two items for a super deal.

Deal One:  I went by Hobby Lobby today to look around.  I found a nativity that will be just the right size to fit under our Christmas tree next year.  My mom has a large one that she put under her tree which I think is so cool.  We will wait until Christmas Eve to put the presents under there and just leave the nativity for the decoration.  Really Christmas is about the nativity not all the presents anyway.  I think it will look great on a red tree skirt.  The figures are about 10 inches tall.  They don't feel like they will be very breakable either.  Which is a good thing in a house full of boys and dogs.  It was regular 90 dollars and I got it for 18.  What a deal and now I wont have to be as envious of my mom's set.

Deal Two:  Well I know I blogged earlier in the Christmas season about our children's nativity set.  I think I might have said something to the fact that we hadn't even lost baby Jesus yet in the 5 years that we had had the set.  Well I spoke to soon.  He is lost.  No where to be found.   Today I happen to find this one at the Christian book store and it was 50% off.  WooHoo.  I also found a gift card in my purse that I had forgotten about - even better.  I only paid 8 bucks for the set.  I am thinking about hot glueing baby Jesus in the manger next year.  I don't think he will care.  Kendra suggested that I put a clear rubber band around it to keep him in. 

I am so excited about both of my purchases.  I was thanking the Lord as I got back into the car for providing us with another Children's nativity at a price that we could afford.  Isn't it cool how he even helps us in the small things.


He & Me + 3 said...

That is the cutest little nativity. I love it. I love Hobby Lobby too. That is a great deal.

Cassie said... said...

i love them both! I have been wanting a kid friendly one for my boys to play with so they won't touch my 35 year old set

Momx6 said...

Yay! Good for you! I love nativities - and a good buy is even better.