Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Never Not Me

My husband would not tell our children not to play with his toys in the garage and then correct himself and say tools.

Of course I would never not take cookies to a friend just because they were not as good as hers. I am definitely not that prideful.

I would not go into my children room and complain about the smell. My oldest child would not say "mom, we are boys". Really I do have good smelling, clean children even if they are boys.

I am not trying to find the best restaurants to eat at on our vacation in Alabama. Really food is not that big of a deal to me.

I did not go out on a date with my husband by myself without kids. And while on said date I did not try to scrape ice cream off of his face and put it back in his mouth. Really I know the difference between Tim and Ti.

My husband did not almost refuse to change our baby in the public restroom because I suggested putting paper towels down on the changing station before he laid him on it. Really Tim is just as conscious about germs as I am.

I did not have a very proud moment when one of my boys used his foot to flush the toilet in a public restroom. Really something like that would not make me so happy.

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