Friday, July 3, 2009

Withrow Springs Camping

We went to Withrow Springs State Park in Huntsville for our last camping trip. Some how we always choose the hottest weekends to go on.

On Friday we went canoeing. We had been told that it should take between 2 and 4 hours. It took us five and we even had to carry our canoe in one spot. I don't mean we were dragging because we did do lots of that. We actually had to pick it up and carry it across dry land for about 30 yards. I say we it was actually the men who did it. About five minutes into the canoe trip Andrew falls backwards in the canoe (because he was standing up and he had already been told numerous times to set down) and busted his head open. Head wounds usually make you think they are worse than they really are because they bleed so much. There was much crying and screaming involved but he finally got over it and enjoyed the rest of the trip. Meredith saw four snakes and I caught two fish. I didn't fish much we were to busy having to drag the canoe. Everyone was tired and happy to see the end point. I left my camera in the car so I could take pictures of us when we got done. I forgot until we were already loading up to leave. RATS Thanks to Nannie for coming up and staying with Ti at the campsite.

Ti did not do too good. He really wanted to be in his own bed at night. He also didn't like taking naps when there was so much to see and do. When we got home we set him in his bed and he just layed there and played for probably at least an hour. This was his expression a lot of the weekend. We went with about three other families. We made two of our meals together. The Purifoys did catfish and french fries one night. It was excellent. I made the hushpuppies. This was my first attempt at it and they actually turned out really good. If I do say so my self. I pride myself on making up recipes, haha just never ask me the measurement of the ingredients. You just have to make it look right. The next night we had steaks. Robert Bogan cut the meat and cooked it. It was fantastic. We had corn on the cob, fried potatoes and salad with this meal. I made the homemade ice cream for dessert. I didn't really get to eat any of this while it was still frozen because it was Ti's bedtime. How I love air conditioned campers. I can't complain much for having to sit in the air conditioning and watching TV to put the baby to sleep. Imagine how awful it would be in that heat in a tent.

This next picture is so funny. Laci knows when we are fixing to go somewhere and she always wants to go with us, and we let her most of the time. She had been either in the camper or under the truck all morning as we were loading up to leave and the next time I went out I couldn't find her. Then I looked in the truck. She was sitting in the drivers seat. She was determined not to let us leave without her. She would rather ride in the front with us but we went ahead and made her ride in her crate in the back.

I didn't take very many pictures I was too busy holding a baby. Oh well maybe I will do better next time.

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