Friday, July 3, 2009


Here are some friends we went swimming with.




This is Ti's first time to go swimming. He seemed to enjoy it.

This swimming stuff makes a boy tired.

The below pictures are us swimming at the Landwehr's pool.

Ti decided to take a nap and not get in the water.

Not for sure what is going on here, but I think I will be able to use it against them as they get older.

Andrew was swimming pretty good at the end of last summer but we had to use floaties at the beginning of this summer. He is now out of the floaties and swimming in the deep end by himself. I am so glad my kids learned how to swim early and enjoy the water.


Cassie said... said...

I can't wait till Ri feels ready to take off the floaties. He is still a little deep water shy & whould rather not have to work so hard to stay above water

Cassie said... said...

we are moving to the house way back from the road next to the One Stop by Arvest. It's the white brick one. It's an older house, but it's over 2000 square feet with a seperate dining room, 2 living spaces, and an eat in kitchen. The biggest plus to me is the fact that the owner does all the lawn work & it's $100 less a month. It has fenced in pool, but they said it has a leak and they won't fix it, so unless we want to pay for it(which I will do right after I pay off all my medical bills!) we won't be able to use. At least its behind a tall fence and away from the house. There is a 5 car carport too. So lots of shade for the boys to play in. That's all I can think of now.