Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tree 2009

One of my favorite part of Christmas is this nativity set.  We have had it for many years and the kids still love to play with it.  Yes, some of the figurines have been chewed by babies and dogs but still I love it.  I have already caught baby Jesus in Ti's mouth this year.  Usually we have a few extra figures that are set up with it.  Such as a big gorilla or a power ranger,  who knows maybe even a crocodile or two.  If anyone reads my blog that has small children I would definitely recommend a child's nativity set.  I got mine from the Bible Book Store but I think that Little People have a set out to but it is just a little pricey for me.  Playmobile has one and it is only about 20.00.  This was one of the best Christmas decorations that I have ever invested in.

Can you see the teeth marks on the donkey.  At least he still has all of his legs.  I think the sheep might be missing an ear.

Andrew was a great helper this year with setting up the Christmas tree.  Okay, I admit it you won't catch my kids with clothes on at our house even when it is winter time.

Ti loves the stocking

Tim at least had the game muted and Christmas music playing while putting up the tree.  I guess it was a compromise.  He does all the decorating for Christmas except for putting the angel on top of the tree.  That is my job.  I am very grateful that he is willing to do the decorating part.  I don't enjoy that part.

Everything has got to be organized.  lol  Tim likes precision.  Have you seen the lights on the front of our house.  Very evenly spaced.

I didn't help with the tree but I did make cookies for everyone to eat while they decorated.

Just a little bit of fighting with the garland.

Ti kept on trying to pull the nose off of Santa Claus.

This snowman is activated by movement and sound.  OH THE JOY.

Putting up the Christmas tree is hard work

Every year I get a new ornament to put their picture in and put the year on it somewhere.  Someday when they have their own tree I plan on giving them all of their ornaments .

I happen to love how our tree is decorated.  We have no theme and a variety of ornaments.  Of course some people might say it is in a little bit of disarray with all the variety but oh well.  It has "us" written all over it. 

My One Job

The finished product.  Thanks to Tim and the boys for doing such a great job.


Seraphim said...

It all looks AMAZING!!! And we have a nativity set up but I hadn't thought to get one the children could play with. I think mine would love it so I will go on the hunt today. Warmest wishes for Christmas! x

dish13 said...

Man, that sure is a small TV.