Monday, December 14, 2009

Giving A Little

Well in trying to teach my children about giving we tried to put it into practice a little.  Of course anytime you give you always get more in return.

A while back I posted about our visit to the nursing home.  While we were there the kids wanted to take one of the angel wings and get a gift for someone at the home that would other wise not be getting something for Christmas (proud mama moment).  The first lady we received I found out before I  got the gift that she had been transferred (not for sure what that means).  Anywho so they gave us another name.  Mrs. Williams.  We got her a new gown and house shoes and a stuffed animal that the boys chose from their own stuff.  She had put a gown and a stuff animal or baby doll on her list of wants. 

After school one day we made some cookies and off we went to deliver our gift.  This was probably my most favorite part of this Christmas season so far.  Mrs. Williams could not hear very well so everything we said had to be said shouting.  You can only imagine what we looked like talking with her at a decibal that would cause hearing loss for most people.  I was laughing so hard by the end of our visit.  Mrs. Williams has dimentia(sp?) her short term memory is not good.  She was for certain though "that we were not to leave the cookies we had made for her out in the waiting area because someone would steal them".  The problem was she didn't remember where her room was.  Finally one of the nurses offered to take them to her room for us.    She asked me repeatedly if I was married since I had these three kids with me and where I lived at.  One of the funniest parts is that she loved to give kisses.  You can just imagine my boys excitement over having to let her kiss them.  They actually were pretty good about it even Andrew let her kiss him once.  Anyone that knows Andrew knows that this is a big deal.

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Alex and Jill said...

Awww...I love it! You are good Mama and have such sweet boys!