Sunday, December 20, 2009

Proud Momma Moment

Well today was the big day for us.  The church play was ready to be performed.  I was so nervous for both of the boys.  I made both of them eat a sausage and biscuit for breakfast.  I thought it might last a little longer than a bowl of sugar cereal that they usually have.

The Cubbies sang two songs before the play began.  When we first started talking about the play I was going to let Andrew be in it also.  I soon realized that this would probably not work for him.  The practices were two to three hours long.  No napping on Sunday and that long of a practice spells lots of crying (from him) and threatening (from me).  Now looking back I am certain that this was the best choice.  He was a little sad about not being in it but He would have not done great with all those long practices.  He did get to sing with the Cubbie though.  I could tell that Andrew knew all the words to the songs and he really paid attention to do all those motions.  Praise the Lord there was no crying involved.  HURRAY 

Noah did great on his part also.  We only recorded his solo part.  He sang with two other kids earlier in the play.  I was so proud of all the kids.  They all worked so hard and they did great.  I heard that they counted the people at church and there was about 500 people there to watch them.

I asked the boys afterwards if they were nervous.  Noah answer was NO.  Andrew said that he was a little nervous because there was a lot of heads out there but he sang anyway. 


Cassie said... said...

They all did such a great job. I was so proud of all of them.

Suzette said...

They both did so good! Noah did great on his solo!!! I was proud for you! :)

Taylor Family said...

He was great! I'm sure you are a proud mom!