Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

We went ahead and went to my parent's house on Christmas eve because we were afraid we might get snowed in.  Ti was up at 5:30 and the other boys got up around 6 and we opened presents.  Everybody got new pajamas that night for our Christmas Eve present except for Tim.  HE didn't want any new pajamas.  Obviously HE thinks you only need a couple pair of pajama pants.  BahHumBug.

We got the whole family a Wii for Christmas with a few games.  We are all enjoying it.

Out of four Christmas celebration we made out like bandits.

I got a new flash for my camera.  I haven't really figured it out yet.  I got a lens cover, bible, cupcake carrier, lotions.   My mom made me a backdrop to take the boys pictures in front of.  I got silverware (Which we really needed.  We only had one butterknife and most of the spoons had issues with the garbage disposal after 14 years of marriage.  Not for sure where I lose the knives at.) and a crockpot with a lid that seals down so you can carry food without it spilling.  Next time I bring someone soup I wont have to worry about it spilling in my car.

Tim got a cordless drill set for his big gift.  He also got a calendar and some tool bags and various tools to keep in them.  He got a few clothes also.

Noah got binoculars, knex, bopit, clothes, magnifying glass, books, ps2 controller,  American Idol for PS2 (which I am not very good at and it is quite funny), night vision goggles and some more stuff that I can't think of.

Andrew got star wars men, light saber, tent, tool bag with tools (which I think he really enjoying), books, a gorilla, costumes.

Ti got a rocking horse, toy that you play with standing up and it makes music, rattler, blocks, jack in the box, toy telephone and clothes.

The kids at least the older two really enjoyed all their presents.  Well I don't think that Andrew enjoyed the stuffed pig I got him because he said that Ti could have it.  I did catch him asleep with it this afternoon though.  Ti wasn't to impressed with his rocking horse.  I think it kind of scares him he did like the blocks and telephone though.  We celebrated with my family on Christmas day and Tim's family the next day.  We are so blessed with such a giving family. 

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Alex and Jill said...

I have crock-pot envy...I've seen those and have been wanting one! :)

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!!