Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Sweet Andrew

During prayer time tonight.

Andrew Praying:  I pray for Uncle David,  Steve and the other steve, and Aunt Judy.  Jesus I want you to come into my heart not because I want to be baptized but because I sin.

Mom - Andrew,  You know that you aren't baptized just because you know you sin.  You have to be sorry for those sins and want Jesus to be your leader.

Andrew - Mom, I want to pray again.  I pray for Uncle David, Steve and the other Steve and Aunt Judy.  Jesus I want to be baptized and I want to be sorry for my sin and I want you to be my leader.  Amen

Andrew - Mom I want to talk to Bro. Barry,

Mom - I think that Bro. Barry is out of town right now.

Andrew - Well then can I talk to Mrs. Jamie so she can tell Bro. Barry that I want to be baptized.

Mom - We'll see.

Andrew has been asking so many questions lately.  He really wants to be baptized.  We have talked several times about why a person is baptized.  Its like he has the head knowledge but I am not for sure that he has the heart knowledge yet.  He know what needs to be done but I am afraid he might be doing it for the wrong reason.  It is so hard to know at this age.  You don't want to discourage them but you also don't want them to have doubts about their decision as they get older.  I am praying for his heart to catch up with the head knowledge.  Please pray with me that God would make himself evident to Andrew and he would truly understand what being a follower of Jesus is all about.  Pray for Tim and I that we would be able to lead him correctly.

 I remember when Noah made this decision I kept putting him off and then finally one morning he told us that the previous night while he was in bed that he had asked Jesus into his heart.  He has been confident of that decision ever since.  I just want to make sure that Andrew has that same confidence after he has made that decision.

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Cassie said... said...

i know what you mean. Riley keeps telling us he's asked Jesus in his heart, but later he can't answer questions about it at all.