Sunday, April 18, 2010

D-Now = Stinky Boys

The boys that stayed in our home were all very well behaved.   They were great about doing their Bible study time. The only problem was when you got to close to the room where they were staying you started gagging because of the smell that was coming out the door.  Seriously I think I actually gagged once walking by to the office.   I guess this is what I have to look forward to when my boys get bigger.

The last night after requiring all shoes to be left  in the garage, a few showers, the window left open, febreeze the smell did get a little better.  Getting some of them to take a shower was like pulling teeth.  I had to threaten to hog tie a couple.  This can be one mean mommy if I have to be.  I was not going to take stinky boys to church with me.   No Way, No How   I was thinking by ninth grade you would want to smell better.  Obviously Not.

When they left on Sunday morning the boys were great about cleaning up the room and pulling all the sheets and blankets off the bed and taking them to the laundry room.  These boys would be welcome to come stay anytime.


Carrie said...

You are a strong woman for enduring 9th grade boys!

Cassie said... said...

they look a little big for the bunk beds.

Karen L. said...

garret told me his shoes stunk to high heaven because they had to be in the rain for their track meet...hence nasty stinky shoes. (so sorry!) he also told me he pulled the sheets off and put them in the laundry room on sunday morning. i about fell out of my chair! he's my cleanest most organized child but he's still a teenage boy who NEVER changes his own sheets.
before they left for your house friday night i told him he better thank you and give you a great big hug for letting them stay there!!