Monday, April 26, 2010

Teaching Moments

This past week we had a few teaching moments:

I called my dad early on Monday morning and he informed me that he was fixing to head out on horseback to look for a 3 1/2 year boy with autism that had been missing since the night before near where they live.  The child's mother and I played ball together in high school.  We immediately started to pray for the boy, his family and all those who were searching.  Later that afternoon I got the call that they had found the little boy's body in the creek a little ways from the house.   My heart hurts so much for this family.  One of my first thoughts was how am I going to explain this to the boys.  We had all been praying for them.  How would they understand that God in his sovereignty allowed this to happen when I don't?  Anyway since the boys were praying for him at supper time I decided to let them know what had happened.  It was hard to explain that sometimes we just can't understand why God allows things to happen.  Noah's comment was something to the effect that he won't be scared when he gets to heaven.  We had mentioned while praying for him, that he wouldn't be scared in the woods by himself.  That evening when we were saying our prayers before bed this was Andrew's prayer "Please help the little boy to feel better when he gets to heaven and that he won't be scared of drowning anymore"  Andrew is so matter of fact.  It made me think that if we as sinful people could only get a glimpse of the greatness of heaven we would not be sad, maybe a little lonely, but we would never wish them back.

Later that day I found out that some of our friends little boys had broken his leg and would be in a cast up to his waist for six weeks.  Of course Andrew put him on his prayer list immediately.  Oh, I hope he keeps his passion for praying for the sick. 

 We got a small goody basket for him.  Andrew was sure that he would want a few men to play with and some cars.

I talked to Noah and asked him if he knew why we were going to do this.  We talked about having compassion for others and wanting to encourage others.  It is amazing at the opportunities we have everyday to teach our children.  It could even be from a little goodies basket.

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