Wednesday, April 21, 2010

D-Now Part 3

I saved the most important post till last.  I am sure you are on the edge of your seat thinking what this could be about.

Worship and the Preaching

I was only in on one of the preaching times.  He spoke about being a Christian everyday all the time.  You can't be ashamed.  He did a great job and I think the kids probably got a lot out of it.

Here is the band.  They did an excellent job.  They were a much higher quality than I was expecting at the event.  Scottie had said that they were good and he was right.  I would have liked to gotten a CD but they didn't have any.

The kids loved this one song with the motions "O happy day". 

I guess the one thing that impressed me the most out of the whole weekend is to see teenage boys worshiping God with their hands raised high. 

At what age does the loud music start bothering you instead of it being cool. I think I am getting old..boohoohoo
One good thing about loud music....I loved that I could sing as loud as I wanted and no one could really hear me.

I am glad I got to be apart of this weekend.  Hopefully we will see the fruits of this conference for months and years to come. 


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Karen L. said...

it really got me too, when so many kids (nearly all of them) went to kneel and pray.
God is moving big in our youth department. I pray all the time that He continues to do this!
it overwhelms me to see big sr. football players with their Bibles open, notepad and pen in hand, and then lifting their hands in praise.