Monday, April 5, 2010

A Yummy Give Away

Hebrews 10:24
And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

So in an effort to spur others on to good deeds, I am going to do a give away.

I have never done a give away before so I am going to make up the rules as I go.  If you have read my blog very much at all you know that I do meals for people when needed.  If they have a baby, are sick, or someone in their family has died, or sometimes just for a treat.  This is my way of showing that I care.  Trying to use my gift of hospitalilty to show others to Jesus and his love.   Well I thought I might involve my blog in my gift of hospitality.  Letting you the reader reap a benefit of it.  There is going to be a couple of requirements though.  Don't worry they won't be to hard because I am trying to spur others on to good deeds. 

I have made homemade strawberry freezer jam.

 It is super delicious. It really is I am not just saying it. I will send you two small jars of it.  One to keep the other to give away with a meal or even with just a can of bisquits. My plan in making the smaller jars is to send them with a meal for people.  If it doesn't really go with the meal that I am making I will send a can of bisquits for them to make anytime and use it.  I will also give it away as gifts for teachers, bus drivers and various other people. 

So here goes.....the rules:

You can enter by leaving a comment...(for those who read and don't leave comments don't worry it is not to hard...if I can do it anyone can)

You can enter again by becoming a follower.

You can enter again by posting the giveaway on your blog. (just let me know)

After you have entered make sure I know how to get a hold of you so that I can get you your yummy, fantastic, delicious, perfect strawberry freezer jam. Well it might not be perfect but it is really good.  The only requirement is that you give one of the jars away.

Since I don't have very many readers there is a good chance you will win so good luck. I will pick a winner on Friday probably something really sophisticated like letting Ti draw one out of a hat or cup or just off the ground.

The process:

Wash your jars.  I bought mine at Walmart they cost about 8 dollars for about 12 of them.

Chop your strawberry after they have been washed and capped.  I love my pampered chef chopper for this job.

 Mix in your sugar.  2 cups of strawberries plus 4 cups of sugar.  Let it stand for about ten minutes stirring every few minutes.
You will then add your cooked sure gel.  (follow the directions on the box)

Fill the jars almost to the top.  You need to leave room for expansion when you freeze them.

Then you have the perfect little gift.  It is more expensive than jelly from the store but it is ooooohhhh sooooo much better.

Good Luck

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Since we somtimes have biscuits and jelly for dessert I think this will qualify.


Momx6 said...

You know I love your blog - and I don't know how to "become a follower" - thought I was! LOL

Alex and Jill said...

Enter me! I love strawberry jam and I'm going to try and make it, since you showed me how. :)

Karen L. said...

i'll leave a comment to let everyone know that i have had your freezer jam and it IS very good!
(don't put me in the drawing, i think that would be unfair!)

Sarah said...

I LOVE strawberry jam, but have never tried freezer jam. I will have to try it when the strawberries here are ripe for the pickin'! Thanks!

Kirstin said...

I love making freezer jam. I do it every year.

Robin and Stephen said...

Oh yum! What a great idea to host a giveaway with "pass it on" requirements! I should try to make it! I just got strawberries on sale for $0.88 a pound!

Ladynred said...

That looks wonderful. I love strawberry jam too. I'm going to try this one. Thanks for sharing.
Dessert Recipe Edition

Cassie said... said... love freezer jam!

He & Me + 3 said...

Yum that looks so good. we love strawberries.