Saturday, April 17, 2010


Every year for the last 4 or 5 years are church has put on a D-Now weekend for the youth.  We have had the priviledge of being a host home for about 4 years now, I think.  We get rid of our own kids for the weekend and take in about ten teenagers at our house.   I will confess I get a little stressed out before everyone gets here.  I want the house to be clean.  I am not for sure why since I am sure the kids don't notice if everything has been dusted and the floors are clean.  I even cleaned out my refrigerator this week.  I was so proud of myself.  Let just say we had to say goodbye to some stuff that had expired in 2008.  Obviously I don't look in the very back of the refrigerator very often. I could have been a little stressed knowing that my kids were going to be gone for two nights also.  I like everyone to be in their own beds at night.  I am weird like that.  Tim sinced my insanity and took off a half a day on Friday to help me get everything I needed to accomplished. 

As I write this we have a few on the trampoline and a few playing football.

 Hurray no fights yet.  I hear that ninth graders can try to punch each others teeth out and then be the best of friends the next day.  We have all boys this year and they are being nice, polite, active boys.   I gave them a few rules when they got here.  Keep food and drinks on the hard wood and don't get ice without washing your hands.  Any body that knows me would know that would be one of my rules lol  I made breakfast this morning of scrambled eggs, chocolate gravy, white gravy, biscquits and sausage.  I wasn't for sure how much to fix since my boys are so young but I guess I fixed enough because we had leftovers.  Last night we got back to the house around 10 and they did a couple of Bible studies and of course ate.  I had made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (our new favorite), rice crispy treats, and chips & dip.  Of course they enjoyed all this. Obviously food is a big part of a ninth grade boys life.   I can only imagine what my grocery bill will be when my kids are teenagers.  At 1AM this morning I had Tim go check on them and they were in the bedroom with the lights out watching Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.  lol They got up before us at 7AM.  These kids are going to be so tired by the end of the weekend.  We are fixing to head to the church for mission projects after lunch.


Cassie said... said...

you are brave people...I think we may host next year.

Robin and Stephen said...

lol Cassie! That was exactly what I was thinking! Very brave!