Thursday, November 6, 2008

Additonal Idea

I am sure that others have already thought of this but I wanted to add it anyway. In my previous post I talked about praying the scriptures over our children. I myself need reminders so this is what I did. I got some card stock and wrote each verse on it. Index cards would work well for this also. I then cut them out and taped them in various places in my house. Like the one for going to bed I taped on my children's bed. That way which ever one of us are putting them to bed we can pray that scripture over them. The one that is for while they sleep I taped by my toilet. Pregnant people are in the bathroom a lot in the evening. The one that is about them going through their day I taped on the door we use when we leave the house. Anyway you get my drift I am hoping this will help me to do my job of praying for our children.

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