Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shrimp Eating Contest

We had our annual shrimp eating contest last Sunday night. This is always a lot of fun. This year we only had four families join in but the evening was still great. Because the evening was getting late we called it a tie between Tim and Brian at 153 shrimp each. This was the first time for the Burchams and the Cooks to join in the fun. I think Calvin was disappointed that he wasn't able to eat as much as the Tim and Brian. The girls enjoyed making fun of the boys and talking at our end of the table. Needless to say there has been a lot of groaning the last couple of days at our house. I don't think Timmy will be eating any more shrimp for a while. I didn't bring my camera so Donnie took this with his cell phone. What Dorks!!!!!


Suzette said...

That is so funny... There must be something about shrimp with tall skinny guys.. Dustin went to catfish hole and usually gets the all you can eat.. that boy shoveled away more shrimp then anyone I had ever seen! It was rediculous! Whew... I do have to admit, after seeing this post, it makes me crave shrimp!!

Leah said...

Every time Evan sees the Red Lobster commercial for endless shrimp his mouth starts watering. It's so funny. I love that y'all always do that!!!