Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Oh My! Noah gets into the car and tells me that most of his class voted for Obama today but he voted for McCain. I asked why, he said because he knew that who I was going to vote for. That started this big long discussion. Why am I choosing McCain. We talked about the moral issues that were involved and abortion came up. I guess Noah had never really understood what this was. Of course he would not settle for the short answer. I had to explain what this was and he kept wondering why people would do that. What could I say but that we live in a sinful world and people think they are taking the easy way out. He was wondering if Obama was president would they take our baby. I almost started to cry. Thank God we live in a country that does not allow the president to say how many children we can have. I think his final question about it was why don't they just give the baby away if they don't want it. How I wish that my child never had to face the issues of abortion or same sex marriage. I know that God is in control but how long will he allow our nation to choose evil over good. We also talked about how we need to be praying for whoever the next president is to choose to walk with God and not the world. I have prayed off and on all day for our nation maybe now he need to ask for his mercy to be on our land. I don't think I can handle any more questions from a seven year old today. I am off to cast my vote.

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I'm glad to see my kids are not the only ones who ask too many questions