Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

Well Monday is here again and I thought it might be fun to do not me Monday again.

I would never let my child leave the house dressed as such. Yes he is wearing a red checkered shirt, a blue tie, camo pants, boots and the light saber as his accessory. Of course while out his dad wouldn't convince him not to wear the tie into chic-fila because he would probably be "uncomfortable"
He wanted to make sure I took a picture of the beautiful tie. Isn't it lovely.
I would never take pictures while my children are fighting over the football. It is a pretty fair fight Andrew is pretty tough.

Yes that is his foot being used to push his brother off of him.

I would never allow my son to dig holes in the yard so that he could copy the dogs looking for moles. And of course I would discourage him from putting his face down in the hole to sniff around.

I would never take pictures of my oldest son while he is waiting for his dad to get home so they can play football. Of course this wouldn't make this child angry either.

I would never go over to a friends house and make homemade tortillas and leave the mess for her to clean up. A good friend would never leave while the kitchen was a huge disaster.

I would never set on the couch while pealing 10lbs of potatoes for a KDP meal. I mean that would just seem extremely lazy. And I would never lick my fingers multiple time while beating the potatoes with extra butter, sour creme, and creme cheese. That would just be insanitary. I of course would not eat a majority of the sugar cookies that were just baked while beating the potatoes either. Really sugar cookies and mashed potatoes don't go together.

I would never have a chair designated for a dog in my room. Really who would allow a pet to have their own chair that stinks and only she would set in.


davidcatherinewilson said...

I am so glad to know my boys aren't the only ones who wear "creative" clothing and fight constantly! Your post made me laugh. Remind me NOT to eat your mashed potatos:)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

oh I remember the days when my youngest wanted to and did dress very similar to that outfit. Totally not worth the fight to change clothes!!

Cassie said... said...

never say never