Thursday, November 13, 2008


Andrew mind has been working overtime these days. Here is just a few of the examples.

On the way to Karen's house:
Andrew "Mom have you ever thumb wrestled with dad?"
Me " I don't think I have"

After being picked up on Wednesday
Andrew "Mom you don't want to be around when babies come because it is messy"
Me "Who told you that?"
Andrew "Claire"
Me - silence

At supper tonight
Andrew "Mom how do they get the babies out?"
Tim "That's a good question, mom"
Me "You go to the hospital and then you get to take the baby home with you"
Noah "They cut you open and then sow you back up with stitches, mom have you had stitches"
Me - "No" Then silence

Does anyone have any suggestions for fake looking stitches. I have a feeling I will need to come home with some or I am going to have to answer a lot of questions.


Karen L. said...

yes, you WILL answer questions, don't mess him up for life with fake stitches!'s my answers...sorry for the content.....
allee: "mom how do babies get out?"
mom: "girls have a hole to pee out of and an extra hole for babies to come out"
allee: "oh"

if you don't tell him.....claire will! :)

Cassie said... said...

I agree. If you don't give them the basics...they will get it from my boys!

Suzette said...

HAHAHA!!! That is hilarious.. Love how Tim passes the buck for you to give the answer! haha! :)

I can't wait to have these coversations with my babies! haha, weird right?