Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Well

Oh I had grand plans for this Thanksgiving Holiday. I was going to take so many pictures. I had everything all planned out. Things change. Wednesday morning I headed outside with my camera in hand and the boys following behind me to the back of my in law's house. They have a sidewalk that goes around to the back of their house. Have you ever heard that pregnant people are not very graceful. Multiply that by ten for me. My foot stepped off the edge of the sidewalk and I fell, hit my knee and destroyed my camera. As I was laying in the grass in agony, Noah was by my side telling me he would go get dad. It was actually kinda sweet the way he could tell that I was hurt and actually cared. If it had been his brother he probably would have been laughing at him. Timmy comes off the back patio and starts asking me what happened. I can't really talk at this point. I was very busy trying not to cry. Then he wants me to move my knee. IS HE CRAZY. Anyway after rolling around in the grass a while and then searching for the batteries that fell out of my camera (they were very expensive batteries, what can I say everyone knows how cheap I am). I went inside to put ice on my knee. That is when I realized that my camera is dead. I have only had this camera about a year or two. Obviously they did not make it to withstand a big pregnant woman falling with it and hitting the concrete. I couldn't really walk very good the rest of the day. I tore my wind pants. This makes me very sad I have only had them about 15 years. They were perfectly good pants and the major thing that I loved about them is that I could still fit into them. Elastic Waste. Timmy took real good care of me. He got the hugous (is this a word) band aid ever and put medicine on my knee and then got me some ice for it. I am a real baby when I am hurt. I am proud to say I did not cry, even if my camera was broken. So much for taking lots of pictures on the beautiful holiday. I pretty much complained about the whole camera thing for the rest of the weekend. Everytime there was a picture perfect moment.

My sister in law wanted to pick up some black walnuts. This was hilarious. Obviously she is a city girl. I go get the four wheeler to run around under this one tree that is just covered underneath it with walnuts. I wanted some of the shell to come off so they won't take up as much room in the buckets and to keep our hands a little cleaner. I had told my sister in law that the field didn't have much cow poop in it so their shoes should be fine, she disagreed. Really if the cow poop is dried out it should not count since it really won't mess up your shoes. It's only when you step in the fresh green piles. hahaha She had never seen a black walnut before (that is amazing). They were everywhere and she would walk around looking for I guess that perfect nut. We were all laughing at her. One of her comments were "I guess the cows don't like these" Isn't that funny? I don't think that she reads my blog but even if she does that is just to funny not to share. She is a good sport. We picked up about 10 gallons and then let the kids play on the four wheeler and dirt bike. My nieces, I don't think had ever rode either. The youngest one was a little scared of the whole situation. We had a good time but the best part was getting to kid about the whole walnut situation.

I went shopping with my mom and sisters on Friday. I got up at 4 a.m. That was crazy. I did get a lot of my shopping done. We went to Harrison (this made me thankful for all that is available in Fayetteville) and then we went to Branson. We came home about 5:30 p.m. I was extremely tired but then we had to head to my Aunt's house for another Thanksgiving meal. We got home to Farmington about 10:30 last night. After being gone since last Tuesday I was so happy to be in my own bed. My legs can barely move they are so sore from walking all day yesterday. Needless to say I am a little out of shape. hahaha Well that was my exciting weekend, what happened in yours?


Cassie said... said...

I'm glad you did not die!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! I fell down in the parking lot at my obgyn. In the rain. Tore my pants. Skinned my knee. Had to go in and face my nurses and Doctor and they LAUGHED AT ME! Didn't appreciate that to much. Glad you had a fun filled Thanksgiving. Sorry about the camera..I would have been upset too. Never the less I did get some good pics. Check them out!