Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

I didn't plan to do nothing today but hang around the house. I didn't get a call at 9 this morning to go up to the church to look at tile and of course I wouldn't have went up there with no makeup, holey sweat pants, and my hair in a pony tail.

Of course I wouldn't decide while I was out in this cold rain to go ahead to Walmart looking the way I did. I would have never let my youngest child stay at a friends house while at Walmart just so I didn't have to hear him whine or stay a hour in the toy section. I would never go by the deli get boneless barbecue wings, a hand full of steak fries and a box of crunch and munch for my lunch while I was out. I would have never have ate these items with my fingers while walking through the store. Yes I would never lick my fingers to get the barbecue off of them right after touching the shopping carts. Of course we all know the handles on shopping carts really don't have any germs on them. Pregnancy is affecting my brain.

I would never buy a gigantic size underwear because all of my current one are cutting off my circulation and of course I wouldn't be looking for the largest size possible while a Hispanic man is beside me looking at them also.

I wouldn't start up a conversation with my neighbour who I see in Walmart and find out that she is fixing to have breast cancer surgery. I would never be such a bad neighbour as to not know what is going on with her life and never have even made a meal for them. Of course a good neighbour would commit to make them supper the next Monday night. Of course this neighbour would not stare at my belly and ask if I am pregnant either.

I didn't get home and put my youngest to bed and take a two hour nap myself on this rainy day. I just would never waste time like that.

I would never go back to the church in the afternoon to look for more coats for kids wearing the same adorable outfit with the same adorable makeup less face and hair in a ponytail. I just would never be seen like that.


Cassie said... said...

at least you are honest enough to blog about it! I still love you no matter what you wear and how bad of a person you are!

Karen L. said...

i think you've been hanging around me a little too much lately

Anonymous said...

pregnancy makes you do weird stuff! i had a friend who ate a whole can of eagle brand sweetened condensed milk! SHE'S A VEGETARIAN for crying out loud! Health food nutt! at least you didn't have a bad day!