Friday, August 7, 2009

Alligators and Snakes - Oh My!!!!

Tim, Andrew, Noah, Pops, Uncle Matt, Allison and Regan all went to the alligator farm today while Aunt Stephanie and I did a little shopping. Thanks to Nannie for staying at the condo and keeping Ti. He has decided he doesn't like cars and car seats. It is sales tax free weekend here in Alabama. I don't think it was worth dealing with the crowds. Oh Well.

The boys had a lot of fun at the alligator farm. I think it might have been best that the moms were not there. This man is throwing chickens to them to eat.

I think Andrew might have got in trouble for trying to feed the alligator before they taped his mouth shut. Needless to say Andrew was enjoying his time with the alligators.


Robin and Stephen said...

Oh my goodness! Such brave boys! I would have been so nervous!

Cassie said... said...

I would have picked shopping too!

Anonymous said...

I would have loved the alligators! Ryan said "LUCKY!" When she saw the boys with the snake & the alligator! I'm glad you had a fun time! Too bad about the jellyfish.