Saturday, August 8, 2009


Sometimes us parents are not very smart. We went to the ocean today. The waves were huge and we had big plans to do a lot of boogie boarding. If anyone has ever been to the beach with a baby you know what a big process it is to get all the stuff from the car and set up on the beach. It took Timmy a couple of trips. About the time we finally get everything settled, Ti is in his swing under neath the baby canopy, the umbrella is up and the chairs are fixing to be set up Noah starts screaming and running out of the water. At this point I notice there is really no one else in the water. This should have clued me in before I allowed the boys in it. JELLYFISH. Noah had gotten stung by one. So here we go. Load everything back up and into the car but this time we have a screaming child to help also. Our condo had a jellyfish kit. We doctored it with Vinegar and baking soda. Within a couple of hours everything had settled back down. We are very thankful that he didn't have more of an allergic reaction.

Tonight we went walking on the beach. The jellyfish that were close up to the shore were pretty much dead. People were catching them with nets and throwing them up on the shore. Supposedly this was fun. Our family caught about 30 of them. Some people were even having jelly fish fights. Throwing them at each other. We were not brave enough for this fun.

Hopefully they will have left the area by tomorrow.


Cassie said... said...

didn't you know to pee on his sting?? It usually takes the pain away right then. I had to do it for my brother a few years ago. He was back in the water like 20 minutes later

Karen L. said...

i'm all for the vinegar and soda. however andrew probably would have loved to whiz on his brother!
that one jelly fish looks like an ice ring in the punch bowl at showers!!

when we were at mrytle beach a few years ago, there were NO people in the water and not many on the beach and we just thought WOW how lucky can we get! well, turned out the riptide was really bad for a few weeks and 5 people had already drowned!! stupid hicks are we!