Saturday, August 22, 2009

WooHoo Puppies

We had such an exciting Thursday. I went to work in Springdale that morning and Kendra kept the kids for me. I got them from her about noon and took Kadyn home with me. We have been switching off some this summer with babysitting.

That morning when we were leaving for their house and I was telling Andrew to hurry up (imagine having to rush Andrew lol) because we were going to Kendra. Andrew says "yeah, I am going to play with Asher". Mom says "No, Asher is in kindergarten now". Andrew says "aaaaawwww man, I only get to play with Kadyn". Obviously girls are not as much fun.

Anyway on to the exciting part. I fed the kids lunch and then they went into the bedroom to watch a movie. I went outside to check on Laci because that morning she was acting a little weird. She was due any day. When I went outside I could tell her water had broke and it was green. This was not a good sign. I called the vet and they thought I needed to bring her in. The puppies had had a bowel movement before being born. While I was talking to the vet I was letting Ti eat (I can multi task) so I told them when I was finished I would try to load everyone including dog and dog crate and head to the vet office.

I decided to stop by the school and pick Noah up for the big event. I really wanted him to experience the new puppie thing. So, Noah, Andrew, Kadyn, Ti, Myself and one very pregnant dog in a very large dog crate headed to the vet. When we get to the vet they decide to do a x-ray to see where the puppies are at and if they are headed the right way.

The kids thought that this was pretty cool. You could see the skeleton of each puppies. I was given the choice c-section or wait it out and see what happens. Due to not wanting to lose Laci or the puppies and not wanting to pay to have a c-section at the emergency clinic during the night we chose to go ahead and have the c-section.

My next thought was I don't have my camera. How am I going to blog about this exciting event without any pictures. So the good blogger that I am, I loaded the kids back up into the car to run home and get the camera. Really what is a good story without some pictures to go with it. So here are some pictures.

Dr. Thompson was on vacation so Dr. Waggoner delivered the babies.
After they are born they have to be rubbed on and suctioned a lot to get them breathing. Everyone had to take a turn. They even went and got the groomer to take one. Without going through the birth canal to squeeze all that stuff out of their lungs it is very important to get them breathing good first thing. They had to tell me what to do. Now I am a pro at this, so if anyone is planning on their dog having a c-section just let me know and I will come help. This is when things got just a little more exciting. The kids watched the whole surgery. The doctor explained what she was doing during it and they stood by the wall and just watched. After they got all the puppies out we went into the other room to rub on the puppies. Kadyn was standing beside me at the table. I look down toward her and I see her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Yes that is right, she passed out. Luckily I did set the puppy on the table and caught her before she hit the floor. Needless to say I never thought of watching puppies being born would make a child pass out. I don't see doctor in her future. I then called Kendra and confessed what a bad babysitter I was and that she probably needed to come as soon as possible and get her. She was not feeling well. I think my exact words were "wellllllll, there has been a little incident" Okay, now you know you never want to leave your kids with me.
She had five puppies but only four survived. We have three males and one female. At first she didn't realize that these were her puppies but now she is being a great mom. She doesn't mind us playing with them but other dogs better beware. Buddy realizes that she is not going to allow him any where near her children. At least not while they are so small. This is the prettiest one I think. He is colored up so good. They look kinda brown now but I think they will be turning red like their mother as they get bigger.
We are all staying in the garage a lot these days. We have a pin for them in the backyard as soon as they get a little bigger. Our garage is a little stinky these days.


Robin and Stephen said...

Oh my goodness! That is the most exciting puppy labor I have ever heard! Poor Kadyn! Thanks for going back to the house with all of the kids to get your camera. It always adds to a post!

Cassie said... said...

what fun! I'm sure the boys will have stories for weeks to come!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

how cool! What a neat experience for the kids! Are you going to sale them?