Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day Of School

Ti is going to Kids Day Program on Wednesday while I work at the vet clinic. He is getting mobile and the office isn't the most clean thing at the clinic. Mrs. Ginny and Mrs. Wendy are his teachers. I think he misses his mama but I know he is in great hands. He is not up to taking naps when there is so much to watch around him. Maybe in January he might go on Fridays also. Andrew is going to Kids Day Program at our church three days a week. His teacher is Mrs. Kelly. He is so excited and loves everything about it. I asked him what he learned on his first day and he said "about Jesus". I think he would like to go everyday of the week if it was available. He says his favorite part of the day is playing with Garrett at recess. Oh yeah and he thinks his worksheets are soooooooo easy. lol
This year Noah is in second grade and his teacher is Miss Overstreet. He enjoys school even though he won't admit it. It seems to be very easy for him. I am ready for him to be challenged some. He thinks easy is good. His favorite part of the day is the special classes such as PE, Art, Computers etc. He usually plays football at recess and his best friend is Logan.


Suzette said...

Noah looks like a mini Tim to a T here!

Cassie said... said...

The boys are getting so big. Maybe you should try for that girl!