Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Traxs

Because of the Jelly Fish issue we went to town each day to do something fun. On Monday we went to Traxs. It had go-carts, water boats, and video games. It also had this huge swing. Andrew wanted to do it but of course we wouldn't let him and he wasn't tall enough. He has no fear.

Noah is all serious about this motorcycle ride. I hope this isn't a hint of what is to come. This was Andrew favorite game. Moose watch out here comes Andrew.
Andrew chose to ride with Pops instead of me. I guess he doesn't like my driving.

I did not do the water boats because I didn't want to get wet. It was quite funny watching Timmy get wet though. He was just to tall to duck. He was the biggest target out there. One little boy that was out there was constantly shooting him right in the face. I was laughing hard.
Doesn't Tim look like a little girl screaming. Hehehe I know the picture is dark but it was just to funny not to include. The boys could drive these carts by themselves.

Nannie stayed at the condo with Ti so there are no pictures of them.

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Karen L. said...

oh my goodness that pic of tim is HILARIOUS!!!!! thank you for including it!!! i'm still laughing