Friday, August 21, 2009


Praise the Lord that our kids can fight, scream, pinch and scratch each other. That they have to be threatened with their lives every night when they go to bed to be quiet. Praise the Lord that they need a snack before bed even though they just got up from supper and hour before. Praise the Lord that they are never satisfied with what we have for supper. That they would rather use the bathroom outside instead of inside. Praise him that they can cry over not getting hot cocoa in the morning to drink. That they can ask you how old they have to be to have a girl friend. Praise him that they can spit food at you and think it is funny. That they can poop where it not only goes all over their clothes but also cover the bouncy seat they are in. Praise him that they can cry when left in the nursery and smile as soon as they see their mommy. That they are alive and they are healthy. PRAISE GOD BECAUSE THEY ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE AND GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR THEIR LIVES


Karen L. said...

you'll have lots more to praise Him for over the next several years so have your pen and paper ready!!

Cassie said... said...

what a great post.