Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ti - 6 Months

Well we have reached the half way point to one year. Ti weighs about 16 pounds and we go to the doctor next week for the rest of the measurements. He is a happy, healthy baby. He is happiest when he is being entertained by his mother (his favorite) or his dad and brothers. He can almost set up by himself but he has only turned over once. He is usually being carried around or held so he really has no need to turn over or set up by himself. He is eating some vegetable, usually with some protest, and cereal with fruit in it. He is usually pretty happy and now that we are back from vacation he is not eating during the night. woohoo for mom. Ti was an unexspected blessing and now we couldn't imagine life without him.

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Suzette said...

Those eyelashes are just no fair! :) He is seriosly so stinkin cute! Happy 6 month Ti!