Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

This year we went to the beach. I think I will make several post so they won't be so long and I can do a little bit at a time.

We left about midnight on Tuesday. They boys have been so excited. They didn't even go to sleep before we left. We all brought pillows and blankets to sleep in the car. Tim and Pops took turns driving. All of the kids slept pretty good the adults not so much.

We stopped in Mississippi for breakfast at Ihop. I had a very proud mom moment. I took the boys to the bathroom and Noah used a paper towel to open the door when we were done. I don't know where he learned this from.
Then it was back on the road again. We ate at Panini Petes for lunch in Fairhope. It has been shown on the food network. It was kinda hard to find but was very good. We had to park a little way from the actual restaurant and walk. You had to walk up an alley to even get to it. We had to ask directions.

They had a wishing well.

I had a turkey panini. It had a garlic sauce and a melted cheese on it. It was very good. I didn't care much for the fries though.

Timmy had the black angus burger with a blue cheese sauce on it. The meat was very tender.

This is the alley you had to walk down to get to the restaurant. It was very pretty.

We finally got to our Condo about 4:30. We were all so ready to be here and out of the car adults included.

The Beach

Hopefully more post will follow.

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