Sunday, August 2, 2009

Andrew's 5th Birthday

My sweet Andrew turned 5. It is amazing how different each one of your children are and yet how you love them each so much. We love the way Andrew makes us smile. He is very compassionate toward people. He has prayed for an older man in our church that has been hurt almost every evening and at every meal. He never forgets. He always has a hug for those special people in his life but he does not want to give hugs to everyone. He might even be willing to fight not to have to. We are not for sure how you make it into his select circle of people that he is willing to hug. Mostly immediate family or an older person. He loves to be around older people. He wants to go see Mrs. Imogene at least once a week. He might not be able to remember what you have told him to do five minutes later but he never forgets that he wants to drink hot cocoa in the morning. Every morning he wants to drink a slightly warm sippy cup of hot cocoa in his momma's bed. He usually wants his momma laying beside him also. Which she doesn't mind to do. He loves playing with friends but he also is able to entertain himself quiet well. His favorite toys are little men. Small men that he can carry easily. He carries some around with him where ever he goes. He is excited about going to kids day three days a week this fall. He likes being read to but has no interest in learning to write his letters. We know that God will be able to use Andrew's willingness to help others and his concern for the elderly and sick one day.

On the day of Andrew's birthday I was in my office and could hear him when he woke up for the day. He was saying "woohoo it's my birthday. woohoo it's my birthday." It was so cute.

Andrew chose to have donuts for his birthday breakfast. We had his party at the children's building at our church. It worked out really well. I think the kids enjoyed it.

He wanted a star wars cake. These were the little men that would go on it later. He thought they needed to be played with before going on the cake.

Andrew's star wars men

Andrew and Papaw playing ski ball

Austin and Noah playing hockey

Cassie and Elizabeth playing video games

The Rock Wall

Just look at that cute smile.
Emma on a roller racer

Andrew doesn't really like to eat cake and ice cream but he does like sherbert. He ate sherbert and left the rest of the cake and regular ice cream for the guest.
Birthday Cake

Julie liked the sherbert also.

Memaw had the job of holding the baby.

Andrew really wanted to have a pinata. They had a lot of fun wacking it.

I didn't let the big kids hit the pinata but I did let them get the candy once it came out.

Opening Gifts

It is amazing how the cheapist gifts bring the most joy. There was lots of sword fighting going on. He says his favorite gift was the Ninja swords that he got.


Cassie said... said...

I can't even believe that he is already 5! What a big boy he is. At VBS dinner Boston was saying how funny it was that little kids will do anything you tell them. He would say "andrew, jump up and down" andrew did. Then he said go give someone an atomic wedgie"...Boston turned back around to eat & Andrew gave him a wedgie that almost made him cry! It was great!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Happy Birthday!