Thursday, September 4, 2008

Childcare, What do you do.

Andrew and I are struggling on how to handle going to the babysitter. Do you bribe them everyday not to throw a fit, do you let them take a toy, do you just leave them a couple of hours so they won't have to take a nap while there? Since school has started back Andrew has started going to a new babysitter. At first he was scared because he didn't know anyone but then he said he liked it. That was the first week it has gone down hill from there. The second week I had to leave him screaming one day and just crying another. That makes a mom feel really bad. Everyday he asks me if he is going to have to take a nap there. He still takes naps when he is here at home with me but for some reason he really does not want to have to at the babysitter's house. This week he only had to stay one day all day the rest of the days were only half days so we didn't have to deal with the napping issue. Today when I picked him up after staying all day he had not taken a nap. That makes everyone miserable in the evening. The babysitter mentioned that maybe he shouldn't bring his own toys because they never seem to be able to keep up with them by the end of the day. I thought the toys were helping him feel a little more secure so that the crying would not be so bad. Andrew says they only have girl toys at the babysitters house. What I would give to have parents that live close or a relative that would want to keep my child during the week while I worked. I need God to provide the perfect babysitter.


Cassie said... said...

good luck. I'm not sure there is one. I can't even give you advise on this one. Boston only went to a sitter for a few months when he was 3. He loved to go & hated to come home every day. Maybe you should wonder why he does not want to go there. I know Andrew pretty well, and he seems to be pretty easy to deal with. Maybe there is someting or someone there he does not like.

Karen L. said...

i'm trying to call you and send you an email

Meredith said...

We've been there, Bekah. Graham went to a babysitter when he was an infant, and he would never nap while at her house. We talked about and what we could do to help etc. In the end, she told us he was a "disruption to the other children" and she couldn't keep him anymore. Turns out it was the best thing for all of us to take him out and put him in daycare (which he LOVED!).

Hope you find a good solution soon.