Monday, September 8, 2008

If You Can Puke We Won't Make You Eat It

It all started when Noah got off the bus. He runs into the house and said a kid on the bus puked on his backpack. I tried but decided that would have to be saved for Dad to clean up. I was very "Betty Crocker" today and decided to make a roast for supper. We had roast, peas, bread and baked potatoes. My kids don't like peas. I am trying to make them broaden their taste. No such luck. Andrew wanted butter on his bread so Timmy told him to eat a bite of peas first. He did take a bite but then he started gagging. I thought he was just faking, I was wrong. Everything started coming up. That kind of started a chain reaction. So I jump up from the table with my mouth covered running through the back door. Noah follows me out. After Andrew is done we all set back down at the table to enjoy this home cooked meal. The conversation went down hill from there. Andrew wanted to talk about how if I had been throwing up with him it would have went everywhere and Noah was aggravated that his brother didn't have to eat any more peas and he still did. I think that his exact words were "You aren't having to eat them just because you made yourself throw up." Oh the fun we have at the supper table. Needless to say if you can make yourself throw up we won't make you eat the vegetable.

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Cassie said... said...

If I didn't know better I might think you were peeking into our kitchen at dinner time!